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Everyone who lives California knows about the drought and what drastic measures the government is putting on people to make a difference. Jerry Brown now is expecting people to cut their watering by 25% and in it people are removing their grass, collecting a rebate. Though it is saving water, some people are still not ready to part with their beloved green grass. Grass does in fact use a lot more water through sprinklers and can kill your water bill and watering less will kill your grass. Now you’re thinking, what other option do I have?

The Answer:


You may have seen it on the news in California recently or even in your hardware store wondering what it is. It is a great solution to lowering your water and keeping your grass green! Yes, I too was very skeptical but my son whom works with me, believed in it and wanted to give it a chance, so we gave it a try.

At the time we were in the process of remodeling our home and turned the water off killing our grass completely. After the remodel was done we applied Hydretain which comes as a hose end sprayer. We watered our grass first to saturate the soil making it easier for Hydretain to get to the roots, apply Hydretain and then watered in again. Watering twice a week for 8 minutes each day and 3 months later:


There is a lot of technical terminology when it comes to trying to explain how it works so I will simplify it for you.

Hydretain slows the evaporative process of moisture from the soil by attracting and condensing moisture vapor and holding this moisture. Keeping the soil moist for the roots in between waterings:


Will it harm my kids and/or dogs?

Now the question on your mind… Is it natural or will it harm my dogs and children? The answer is No. Hydretain is primarily made from food-grade ingredients and natural plant extracts.¬†Hydretain comes in 2 forms. Liquid and granular. In case you were wondering, yes you can use it for your plants also reducing the amount of days to water.

More tips on keeping grass green and drought tolerant

What we tell all of our clients who are trying to save water on their grass is to fertilize. Fertilizing your grass gives it the nutrients and strength it needs to survive in between watering. Addition to that, cutting your grass a little bit longer does a big difference. Taller grass provides better shade for the soil requiring less water to use. Taller grass also has longer roots which can absorb more water deeper in the ground. We recommend watering at 5:30 am is best. The re is less wind in the mornings to blow the water and less sunlight preventing surface water evaporating.

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