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I recently checked something off my bucket list which was the San Francisco Flower and Garden show.  Now, don’t confuse shows like this with those home improvement shows that you see popping up all over.  Those shows are really just different contractors, vendors and retailers who are selling their wares or services.  Garden shows like the San Francisco Flower and Garden show is only about gardens.  There are beautiful displays by landscape designers which were spectacular.

sf garden show 6

sf garden show 1




Now, there were a few odd booths of sellers that were not linked to gardens.  But, for the most part, it was all about gardens and for gardeners!  Folks selling their wares, art and tools.

vendor 2

garden show 1


sf garden show 3

And, of course lots of growers selling their plants.

tomato selections

Succulents for sale!

sf garden show 5

I also was able to attend some great seminars put on by some of my favorite gardening authors.  What fun was it for me to see and hear some of their own experiences and for them to share their advise.

sf garden show 4

Since you were not lucky enough to attend the San Francisco show,  I would highly suggest that you attend the Spring Garden show at the South Coast Plaza down in Newport Beach.  Google the event at  It is coming up on April 24th through the 27th.  They too will have seminars and vendors and even displays to show off beautiful plants and design.  Try and attend as many seminars as you can, I know that I will!

spring garden show

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