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Green grass without a huge bill

How To
Everyone who lives California knows about the drought and what drastic measures the government is putting on people to make a difference. Jerry Brown now is expecting people to cut their watering by 25% and in it people are removing their grass, collecting a rebate. Though it is saving water, some people are still not ready to part with their beloved green grass. Grass does in fact use a lot more water through sprinklers and can kill your water bill and watering less will kill your grass. Now you're thinking, what other option do I have? The Answer: You may have seen it on the news in California recently or even in your hardware store wondering what it is. It is a great solution to lowering your water and keeping…
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Garden Tours

Ok, so maybe I am a little crazy, but I confess, I love garden tours. I love to see beautiful gardens. All of you who follow me know this.  I am hoping that next year I will organize a few excursions for all of you who would like to join me. How fun to go as a group to oogle and awe at someone else's beautiful garden?  I love to drag along good friends, including my BFF which loves the tours as much as I do.  Here we are a few years ago in front of the Modern Family house which was on a tour. Which leads me to the garden tours which are coming this month and the beginning of May!  I love, love, love garden tours.  What better…
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Garden Shows!

Fun things
I recently checked something off my bucket list which was the San Francisco Flower and Garden show.  Now, don't confuse shows like this with those home improvement shows that you see popping up all over.  Those shows are really just different contractors, vendors and retailers who are selling their wares or services.  Garden shows like the San Francisco Flower and Garden show is only about gardens.  There are beautiful displays by landscape designers which were spectacular.     Now, there were a few odd booths of sellers that were not linked to gardens.  But, for the most part, it was all about gardens and for gardeners!  Folks selling their wares, art and tools.   And, of course lots of growers selling their plants. I also was able to attend some…
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